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Smart Lock

Smart Lock

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Thanks to the keyless connected smart lock offered by our company for sale at the high quality you can secure your home without the need for a key. Smart locks are very simple and easy to use. With smart locks, you have full control while unlocking your door. Smart locks provide users with ease of use. With smart locks, you control who can come and access your home and when. With smart locks, you are in complete control. When visiting friends arrive early, they do not need to wait in front of the door. With smart locks, you can set a PIN code that works for 24 hours. For example; You set this PIN code for a family member, friend, or housekeeper. Thanks to the PIN code, smart locks can be used very easily.

Smart locks are very simple to use. You decide how you want to open your door. When smart locks are connected to the smart home system, you can easily log in via the key card, remote control, PIN code, key tag, and smartphone. Having control is very important to ensure safety. However, it is quite easy to add and remove users for smart locks. The most important feature of smart locks is that they provide security. Feeling safe is a must for every homeowner. The smart lock has a tamper alarm. It also has an incorrect PIN code feature. These features make smart locks very safe. Smart locks can always be used comfortably. Even when the electricity is cut off, there is no need to worry.

In addition, the smart lock work with 4 batteries. It alerts you when the battery starts running low. The most important feature of smart locks is the connection. So, you can complete your smart home system with these smart locks. The connected smart lock, designed as keyless, can be connected to smart home systems by attaching the appropriate module. Smart locks provide security and ease of use as they do not require following the key. Our company offers high-quality smart lock solutions at high standards and using the latest technology.  In addition, our digital door lock models are offered for sale in a very stylish and modern look. We also have smart lock models designed especially for glass doors.

Features of Smart Locks

Thanks to smart lock systems, it is very easy to open and lock your doors with a virtual fingerprint, password, face, key card. Smart lock systems provide full security. The smart lock system is an electronic lock created using the latest technology. Today, smart lock systems are widely used to ensure the security of homes, hotels, workplaces, and various places. It is a state-of-the-art security solution using a smart lock system. Thanks to smart lock systems, you can give pass permission to certain users to ensure the security of the places. General features of smart locks are as follows:

  • 60mm rear set features rim roller.
  • The smart lock has a touch screen feature with a backlit keypad.
  • Smart locks are battery-operated. It works with 4 batteries.
  • Has a PIN code. Smart lock’s PIN code is composed of 4 and 12 digits. In addition, the smart lock has an RF Card.
  • Smart lock product has the feature of adding remote user credentials.
  • Has a remote-control feature. It can be used optionally.
  • It gives a warning when the battery is low. So, there is a low battery indicator.
  • The smart lock has user programs.
  • There is a control option for a smart lock. In other words, when the specified PIN code is entered incorrectly 5 times, it will be locked for 3 minutes.
  • There is a tamper alarm.
  • It has low power consumption.
  • One set of smart locks works with 4 batteries and unlocks up to 10,000 times.
  • There is a 2-year warranty.

Smart Lock Usage Area

It consists of 2 parts as smart locks, lock, and key. In smart lock systems, without the need for a physical key, both practical and safe entry and exit are made. Different technological solutions such as fingerprint, smartphone, the card are used as keys. However, by creating a PIN code with smart locks, a third person is allowed to pass through the virtual key. Thanks to the smart lock, entry, and exit can be made between the times determined for third parties. Smart locks are wireless. It is an electronic and mechanical locking device that is unlocked with the authentication of an authorized user. Thanks to the smart locks, the homeowner can enter his home without the need for a traditional key. However, smart locks provide access to others. The user can open or authorize the smart locks with technological solution methods such as face recognition, card, palm, fingerprint, or password.

Smart locks provide a high level of security protection. Also, smart locks are considered as part of the Internet of things. Many smart lock systems can use mobile apps or websites. Thus, it allows hosts to gain access to third parties via a virtual switch. In addition, the generated PIN code and virtual keys provide access to guests or service personnel. These encrypted digital keys allow access to the smart lock for a predetermined period of time when received. In addition to regulating access through the digital key, smart locks enable the use of the secure door. Some smart locks have a camera that provides a picture of those accessing the door and creates an easily referenced photo recording. In addition, some smart lock models have a camera to create a photo recording that easily references a picture of the users accessing the door.

In addition, multiple biometric smart locks use personally identifiable information. This system uses a thermal or optical scanner to store the authorized user’s fingerprint. Thus, the browser determines that you are an authorized user. Once the authorized user is specified, you must enter the PIN code to unlock the door. With its high technology, it is now very easy to reach multiple biometric locks.


  • Color: silver
  • Type: rim lock
  • Door thickness: 40-57mm
  • Backset: 60mm
  • Credentials: Pin code (4-12 digits) & RFID card
  • IP 55 weather-resistant
  • Operating temperature -15oC to 55oC
  • Dimensions: front body 64(W)x153(H)x51(D)mm; Battery pack 68(W)x120(H)x21(D)mm

However, there are optional accessories for the smart lock product. Optional Accessories include:

  • Additional Remote Controls
  • Remote Fob Module (includes one fob)
  • Key Card
  • Yale® Module
  • Z-Wave Module

Key tag

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